Staffing Solutions

When it comes to your mission, we understand that providing the best services for patients is what matters most. Your staff serves as a reflection of your organization’s values, and drives relationships with patients. At Optimum Corp, we provide skilled candidates for clinical, healthcare administration, dental, allied health/technical and other healthcare-related jobs throughout the United States.


Optimum Corp’s focus as a top ranked Healthcare Recruiting and Staffing Firm is to enable you to provide superior patient care. We keep this focus throughout our entire organization by adhering to the following guidelines:



Understanding the Client

Everything begins by understanding your needs. This understanding enables us to provide you with a clinician best suited to the nuances of your facility and caseload.


Client-Specific Staffing Solutions

Experience a level of commitment with Optimum Corp that can’t be found elsewhere. Our customized staffing solutions mean you can bring on temporary, long-term contract employees or direct-hire candidates only when you need them. We utilize a consultative approach with every client, focusing on creating unique staffing strategies that add the most value.  And we utilize a consultative approach with every client, focusing on creating unique staffing strategies that add the most value.


Excellent Recruiting and Retention Methodology

The experienced team at our healthcare recruiting firm follows a robust recruiting methodology to find the best healthcare professionals when and where you need them. Our Recruiters continually develop our network of healthcare professionals by direct sourcing, direct mail and e-mail, attending trade shows, advertising in industry publications and utilizing referrals from current travelers.


Quality Assurance

Because our candidates are representing your company, we understand they should share the same passion for improving patients’ lives. At Optimum Corp you can rest assured you’re receiving skilled and talented professionals who match your needs — we guarantee it.


The types of staffing solutions provided to healthcare facilities include:

   Temporary or Contract Positions – whether you have short term, long term, full-time, or part-time needs, we

provide staffing solutions to satisfy both ongoing and immediate or unforeseen circumstances.


   Per Diem – this approach allows your facility to adjust or supplement your staff to ongoing headcount fluctuations.

Select this option to provide additional highly skilled professionals without having to maintain the higher salary on your budget for the entire year.


   Temporary to Permanent Conversions – this flexible option allows you to “try out” or “audition” staff onsite at your

facility performing the duties of the position you are looking to fill. There is no commitment from you to hire the person as a permanent conversion.


   Permanent Placement – this option allows us to handle the exhaustive tasks of sourcing, recruiting, screening, and

negotiating with a potential new hire. We will source the candidate, qualify the candidate, negotiate the details, and receive your seal of approval prior to coordinating a permanent start with your facility.


   HR Outsourcing – most executives struggle with how to best align their staff to most effectively focus on meeting

company growth and financial goals. Whether you isolate a portion or all of your core HR functions, we can help you

with some or all of your HR functions.


   Credentialing and Compliance Services – this service has become a huge financial and time consuming task for

many healthcare companies. By utilizing our team’s specialized compliance knowledge, we can prepare you for your audits or assist your existing team with all of the involved activities.


   Master Vendor or Vendor Management Solutions – this Administrative Option allows you to redirect your valuable

time to servicing your clients and increasing your financial and growth goals. By allowing us to manage your vendor solutions, you need only communicate your needs. With years of proven successful experience managing various vendors, we understand your needs and how to negotiate the best possible scenario to meet them.


   Training – the knowledge that your staff members possess impacts the day to day services provided to your clients.

We eliminate both the time and cost of keeping your staff trained and meeting compliance standards for training.