Accounts Receivable Management


Early Out Program

This is our Fee-based program consisting of scheduled correspondence and phone contact. Accounts placed are just over 30 days past due.  All correspondence is on our letterhead and telephone contacts are by our staff representing your organization in an accounts receivable capacity.   The final letter in the series is a 10-Day Free Demand Letter, advising the debtor that if payment is not received, the account will be placed for immediate collection.  This is a non-contingent program.  Depending on the amount of correspondence and phone contact, a flat fee is paid for each account placed.


Pre-collection Program

This program is designed to provide immediate contact and consequence when necessary while maintaining a non-collection attitude with the debtor.  Accounts placed are generally 60-90 days past due.  This is a contingent based program and fees are based on the amount recovered.  Depending on the account and result of our contact with the debtor, the unresolved claim can be forwarded to either the intensive collection level or an attorney.


Debt Collection Program

This is our standard collection program that starts with a soft collection process and intensifies as the account progresses.  Accounts in this program are 90+ days past due.  This is a contingent based program and all fees are based on the amount recovered.



Highlights of Service:


Automated Accounts Receivable Management technology – Optimum speeds the liquidation of accounts via our automated collection system. This system provides a highly sophisticated collection environment employing the latest in electronic collection technology, skiptracing tools and electronic payment services


Professional, well-trained staff – Optimum staff members are thoroughly trained in interviewing and negotiation skills, recovery techniques and procedures. Their professionalism, authority and skill result in maximum recoveries.


Skiptracing services – To ensure that as many accounts as possible are liquidated; Optimum performs skiptracing as appropriate to locate responsible parties whose whereabouts are unknown and to uncover employment and asset information.


Litigation services – Optimum provides litigation services in support of its accounts receivable management programs, working with our associate attorneys; we act as the agent to coordinate all activities.


Full credit reporting – All accounts received by Optimum are reported to the various credit bureaus per your direction if not paid within 30 days. This ensures that any consumer who has not paid their account may encounter problems obtaining credit. Thus, in order to obtain this desired credit, they must pay their balance in full. This results in maximum liquidation for Optimum clients.




Optimum is very committed to providing ongoing education and in-service training for our clients. We are prepared to develop and deliver educational seminars in all phases of accounts receivable management.



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