Outsourcing Services


Organizations look to Optimum Financial Corporation as a

trusted partner who understands how critical it is to solve the financial challenges faced today. Our industry knowledge and expertise means increased efficiencies and a reduction in cost.


We offer comprehensive outsourcing services, including:


  Revenue Cycle Outsourcing Services

  Financial Support Services

  Administrative Support Services





Outsourcing has proven to be remarkably beneficial for our clients!


Optimum Corp offers cost-effective outsourcing services that help clients improve their financial performance and service levels.  We ensure that all processes comply with customers’ policies and procedures, associated work plans, operating standards and applicable government regulations, including HIPAA requirements.


While the revenue function is vitally important to the cash flow of healthcare providers, it does require an investment of time, talent, and resources in order for it to be effective.  For a growing number of healthcare providers, the idea of outsourcing part or all of the revenue cycle has proven to be a viable option.  There are several reasons why companies outsource, including:


  The oppportunity to work with a dedicated and experienced team of professionals

  Improving operational efficiency and system optimization

  Reducing staffing and personnel issues

  Cost reductions

  Increasing your cash flow






Why Outsource?